Seaside Inspired as seen in the Associated Press Beach Decor Article

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kim Cook with the Associated Press (AP) recently wrote an article "Right at Home: summery decor that brings the best of the beach indoors" and included Seaside Inspired in her article.

"A look at the Seaside Inspired website is like a trip to some remote stretch of sand. Here the Beach Finds lamp lets you fill the base of the light with your own scavengings. Another, spherical lamp is crafted of fishing line, vines and wire. Gossamer-like sea fans are photo-etched on thin metal that can be wrapped around tea lights or hurricanes for the patio. Cape Cod sand cloaks little tea-light jars - manna for the city-bound entertainer. And if yachting is a secret wish, order the porthole wall mirror. As realistic as you'll find, and fun for a powder room."

To date, over 50 US and International newspapers have printed the story in their online and print editions.

You may find the items featured in the Associated Press Beach Decor Article below:

Beach Finds Lamp

Fishing Sphere Chandelier

Sea Fan Wrapped Tealights Hurricanes

Beach Sand Candleholder

Porthole Wall Mirror