New Fall 2011 Driftwood Collection

Friday, September 30, 2011

View our new Fall 2011 Driftwood Collection.

Driftwood Turkey

Realistic wattles and hand-carved heads lend detail to our Driftwood Turkey Bowl. Carefully selected driftwood pieces form each hand-crafted gobbler. Fill with botanical objects, a vessel with a floral arrangement or pumpkins and gourds for a colorful, textural, fall centerpiece.

View our Driftwood Turkey here

Driftwood Candelabra

Our popular Driftwood Candelabra is now available in vertical form for smaller spaces. With their organic shapes and intriguing coloration, pieces of hand-selected, dark driftwood are artfully placed to form our driftwood candelabra. Topped with metal plates to hold 5 pillar candles.

View our Driftwood Candelabra here

Driftwood Petal Mirror

Pieces of natural driftwood, selected by hand, are sliced into petals to frame our wall mirrors. As unique and one-of-a-kind as the image they reflect.

Available in 2 sizes.

View our Driftwood Petal Mirror here

Driftwood Chandelier

Pieces of natural found driftwood are used to create these one-of-a-kind sculptural lights. Organically pleasing, our sphere chandelier has a gently rounded design, while our sea urchin takes the form of its namesake, poking out in all directions.

View our Driftwood Chandeliers here

Driftwood Candelabra

Our popular sun bleached driftwood candelabra, is now available in a dark driftwood. Each piece is hand-selected. Topped with 7 metal plates to hold your pillar candles. Also makes a unique addition to your buffet to elevate some plates of desserts or appetizers.

View our Driftwood Candelabra here

Driftwood Candleholders

Pieces of natural driftwood are artfully arranged, by hand, to form these one-of-a-kind candleholders. Created to resemble a flower, the votive candleholders come as a set and make a dramatic display on a tabletop or mantel when clustered together.

If you prefer a simple look, select our driftwood pillar candleholder.

View our Driftwood Candleholders here

Driftwood 3 Tier Stand

A year round changing display. Natural, found driftwood pieces are re-purposed to create our unique sculpture display stand. Hand-made of natural driftwood, each will be unique. An attractive addition to the Thanksgiving table; fill with beach ornaments at Christmas for a Coastal Christmas look and seashells and sealife during the Spring and Summer.

View our Driftwood 3-Tier Stand here

Driftwood Birdhouse and Bird Feeder

Pieces of natural washed ashore driftwood, is arranged by hand to form our driftwood birdhouse and bird feeder. Fully functional to house and feed your feathered friends outdoors.

View our Driftwood Birdhouse and Bird Feeder here

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