Ombre Easter Eggs

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From Country Living Magazine
Create a pleasing palette of blues or any color that compliments your d├ęcor this Easter.
Below is the How-To from Country Living:
What you need:
(12) Eggs
(6)   12 ounce glasses
(6)   Spoons (one for each glass)
(2)   0.25 ounce vial of Dye in your color choice (this example blue)
White vinegar
- Add one cup of boiling water to each glass (Glasses are A - F)
- Add (2) teaspoons of white vinegar to each glass and stir
- Mix the color as follows:
  Glass A:   2 drops of color
  Glass B:   6 drops of color
  Glass C: 10 drops of color
  Glass D: 20 drops of color
  Glass E: 45 drops of color
  Glass F: 60 drops of color
- Submerge a hard-boiled egg in each glass.
- Steep for 5 minutes
- Remove and place in an empty egg carton to dry
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