25 Uses for a Starfish...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1. Package Accent. Why use the expected bow, when you can add some seaside style instead. Place a starfish on the package, in lieu of a bow.

2. Stemware. Dress up your stemware with a starfish. Using ribbon that coordinates with your tablesetting or party theme, twist the ribbon around the fingers of the starfish and tie to the stem of your wine glasses. Create some extra to hang on beer bottles.

3. Pillow Dangle. Add some interest to a plain pillow with a starfish. If you're handy with a needle and thread, stitch the starfish on the pillow cover in any pattern or design you desire. Not handy with a needle and thread? No problem. Just fasten the starfish to the zipper pull with thin twine for a great little starfish dangle.

4. Napkin Ring. If you have those inexpensive fabric napkin rings lying around, customize and give them a summer twist. Hot glue a small starfish on the button of the fabric ring.

5. Drapery Tie Back. You can tie a starfish from your existing tieback fabric or create a new one. A great look for the kids room.

6. Flower Wrap. Grabbing a bundle of flowers from the market on your way to a get-together?Create a more thoughtful look with a starfish wrap. Before you leave, hot glue a starfish on ribbon and use the ribbon to tie the bouquet. Be sure to remove the plastic flower wrap before you present the flowers - it's a dead grocery store give away.

7. Glass Jar. Sometimes the most simple thing, is the most beautiful. Simply fill a clear glass jar, vase or bowl with starfish.

8. Atop a stack of magazines. We all have a stack of magazines or catalogs waiting for us to read or that we're saving for a rainy day. Make them look neat, tidy and intentional, rather than clutter by placing a few starfish on top of the stack.

9. Window Ledge. A single starfish adds a focal point to a window ledge and looks great from the inside and the outside.

10. Atop your Guest Towels. Having overnight guests? Place a stack of clean bath towels on their bed with a starfish on top. It will bring a smile to their face.

11. Dress up your dining chairs. Hang a ribbon over the back of your chairs and let it fall just above the seat. Attach a starfish to the ribbon. You can tie the ribbon to the chair or place on a upholstered chair with a pin.

12. Handbag Accent. Tie a starfish around the handle of your handbag or beach bag and swing into summer.

13. Planter Adornment. Starfish come from nature, so why not use them outdoors? Tie some starfish around your outdoor planters for added beach style.

14. Light Pull. Add a little star fish to the chain or switch of your floor or table lamp. The light from your lamp will cast a shadow of your starfish and give you a custom coastal look.

15. Tub Surround. Amidst the candles and flowers of your tub surround, add a few starfish for added interest and beach style.

16. Scarf or Hat pin. Create a custom pin for your scarf or hat. An expensive pin from the craft store, a little hot glue and you have your own seaside pin.

17. Congratulations gift. When you wish upon a star... give your best "wishes" with the gift of a starfish.

18. Photo album. Create your beach album with a piece of the beach. Attach a starfish to the outside of the album and revisit those family vacations with a treasure from the beach.

19. Invitations. Attach a starfish to store bought invitations to add a custom look. Although starfish are strong and resilient for mailing, place a small piece of bubblewrap over the starfish when placing in the envelope. Be sure to check the weight for mailing, as you may need to add extra postage.

20. Trim a Lamp Shade. Have a plain lamp shade that needs a touch of the beach? Hot glue starfish along the bottom trim of the shade and create your one of a kind lamp shade.

21. Towel tie. Create a tie back for your bath towels using ribbon, rope and starfish. This is a great look for a guest bath, where bath towels are more for decoration than use.

22. Wall Art. Let your creative juices flow. Use starfish in photo frames or shadow boxes and hang them in groupings to create a unique wall display.

23. Bookmark. A cute and clever way to save your page. Mark the spot in your favorite beach read with a custom starfish bookmark. Attach the starfish by tieing or gluing to ribbon. Place the ribbon in the book and let the starfish dangle out.

24. Christmas ornament. A star on top of the tree is a tradition. But how about a star on the tree? Starfish make great christmas ornaments. Hang them or place them within the tree. Their texture will allow them to stay in place. Fill the entire tree with starfish and beach christmas ornaments for a beach theme tree or just add one as a reminder of your beach get-a-way.

25. Simply enjoy. No matter what you choose to do with your starfish, just enjoy them. Each is unique and one of a kind. Natures gift to you.

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If you have additional suggestions or ideas for starfish, please feel free to share them.